Self Help Sucks

The Anti-Self-Help Guide to Inner Peace and Contentment

Are you tired of reading fluffy self-help books that do not really deliver any lasting change in your life? Have you tried, time and time again, to change your behavior through your own willpower only to find the harmful habit intact?

Availabe on Amazon August 10, 2021!

Have you tried self-help books to make lasting changes in your life?

Are harmful habits and addiction ruling your life, no matter how hard you try to control them? For those who’ve read every self-help book out there with no results comes the anti-self-help book that will finally allow you to affect real and lasting change. Because while self-help sucks,claiming the aid of a Higher Power and the support of others can lead to recovery, inner peace, contentment, and freedom from destructive behavior—and author Tony Blankenship shows you

A six-part program based on the principles of the original, highly successful twelve-step program, Self-Help Sucks is filled with exercises, meditations, prayers, examples and experiences from the author’s life which lay the groundwork and provide rules for healthy daily living. Break free once and for all from the addictive behaviors that are hurting you and your loved ones with this unique, one-of-a-kind guide to living your best life.

Do you have something that you can’t stop doing in your life? Gambling? Online shopping? Screen addiction? Are you a control freak? Are you addicted to emotionally unavailable people? Have you tried self-help methods to stop doing these things and failed? Are you tired of reading fluffy, empty, and wordy books that offer no real change? Me too.

I tried every self-help approach out there. I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours creating vision boards, repeating affirmations, and just trying to exert plain old willpower. Every time, I’d find myself in the same hole, one more time—and that’s when I realized self-help sucks! It’s BS! It doesn’t work. It never did, and it never will.

If you are a person who wants to change something in your life or are in a twelve-step program and wants to deepen your program, this book is for you. Filled with exercises and meditation and prayer, it lays out a foundation for daily living that is beneficial for everyone.

In this no-nonsense twelve-step-based guide, I have laid out a path based on my own experience. I offer the same practices that helped (and continue to help) me achieve a sense of inner peace and contentment and freedom from these habits and behaviors.


Self-help sucks. It is B.S.! It does not work, it never has, and it never will. We all want to be able to exert our will and try hard and make changes that we want to make on our own. 


About Tony

Tony Blankenship is a former chef, spiritual seeker, and punk rocker. All the great insights in his latest book Self-Help Sucks, come from his own challenge of confronting and losing in his own struggle with addictive behavior. Using the principles and actions of the twelve-step program, Tony lays out his experience and some opinions that ultimately lead to the promise of contentment and fulfillment. Tony lives in Santa Fe, NM. He is married with one daughter, a stepson, two dogs, two cats, two goldfish and a beta. When he is not writing he is an avid cyclist and amateur road bike racer. Tony passionately believes that if anyone follows the advice outlined in this book, they will address any of their destructive or addictive behavior.

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